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We Deliver Expert Business, Technology and Organisational Change & Transformation

From leading strategic M&A’s at global scale to deploying a single industry expert into an important meeting for an hour… we’re fast becoming the go-to alternative to Top4 consultancies and large systems integrators.

15 Years of Outstanding Client Delivery

We Provide High Class, Unbiased, Highly Capable and Effective Consulting and Delivery

We are famous for our ‘big things’… like leading large Financial Services M&A’s under heavy regulatory supervision, corporate turnarounds or restructures. We’re often found designing, leading, or ‘recovering’ global scale transformation programmes or delivering complex technology strategies and systems integrations, often when others have failed.

Yet we deliver clients value every day, through much simpler activities. Like providing managed project, assurance, technology or change teams or deploying individual consultants or fractional leaders via our Professional Services business. Or maybe the odd ‘quick phone call’ to brainstorm a pressing issue as a critical friend.

Our Consulting & Delivery Capabilities

Board Advisory & CxO Support

Interim or Fractional Individuals or Teams

Leverage our wide-scale expertise from multiple industries and experiences to advise, support, challenge, assure or delvier.

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Business Change & Transformation

Change Design, Leadership & Execution

Expert people, methodologies, and experience from 100’s of change initiatives. In almost every industry, with almost every regulator, supplier, and partner.

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Technology Strategy & Change

Maximum Value from Technology

We’ve been creating & implementing technology strategies and delivering complex technology projects since 2011. We have an unparalleled record of success in Technology Transformation & Integration

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On-Shore Dev Services

High end engineering consulting, assessments, and improvement programmes, Web2 to Web3 Strategies, Managed Engineering ‘Teams as a Service’, Engineering Training, Capability & Capacity Solutions

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Architecture &


Technical Expertise at Every Level

We've been experts at everything 'architecture' since 2011. Designing enterprise and technical solutions our systems change and IT teams then implement with, or for, our clients.

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High End Consulting

T&M, SoW & Managed Services engagements from experts within all of our Practices. Interim Executives, Programme & Project Management, Architects, BAs, PMO, Engineering Leaders
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Cross Practice Client Services

Regardless of the specific consulting practice you engage with, we deliver a consistent set of powerful, adaptable and client outcome focused services.

& Innovation
& Advisory
& Solutions
& Architecture
& Engineering

Web3, AI & Digtial Innovation

We are experts in simplifying the complex and removing the hype. Helping focus businesses on what matters and not what doesn’t.

We’ve deep skills in implementing digital innovation in the Web3, Crypto, Blockchain, AI & MLM space as well as more traditional process digitalisation, introducing digital ways of working and removing inefficiencies.

Our X-Practice product teams work with clients to develop innovating internal and customer digital products and lead the design, development and launch of fresh products in regulated and non-regulated industries.

Interim Executives

We are not a recruitment firm. But we can deploy Digital NED’s and FTSE50 CIO’s, COO’s, Transformation Directors  and other executives from our permanant staff or associate bench. Either full-time or fractional. Working directly for you or as part of a SoW leading our own project or technology teams. We’ll often ‘give’ you a key resource for the odd day or so free of charge, or we run simple T&M. call-off or managed services engagements for longer term needs. 

We are extremely capable and highly flexible.

Expertise at All Levels

Either full time, fractional or via a Master Service Agreement. We deliver expertise from all our Consulting Practices on an independent basis to support you, your teams or your business. Our goal is to ensure your success by providing our experienced consultants and delivery experts under more traditional consulting & advisory type engagement models.

SoW Driven Outcomes

Delivering from our powerful practice capabilities we shape and deploy skilled project teams to exceed your business outcomes via specific Statements of Work, deliverables or fixed commercials. Our industry solutions cover sector specific challenges such as M&A, Part-VII Transfers, customer data migrations or technology solution implementations. 

Strategy & Architecture

S&A was founded in 2011 as The Strategy & Architecture Group. Built initially to be become the leading consulting firm in IT, Enterprise, Solutions, Data and Business Architecture. Whilst we’re much broader these days, we’ve retained our leading position in all things ‘S&A’. We help create strategic Target Operating Models for major businesses, review, implement and transform complex IT eco-systems and provide expert SME Solution Architects to lead or support clients in specialist areas such as Cloud Engineering, data centre, SaaS or major tech modernisation, cyber, compliance, Web3 and technology strategies.

Product & Engineering

Our product and engineering capabilities range from deploying experienced CTO’s and Heads of Engineering to help improve your own SDLC to deploying our flagship “Agile Teams as a Service” squads to drive product innovation.

We have delivered over 200 major change programmes

We have case studies, satisfied clients, boardrooms, investors and regulators to suit almost every industry sector and every type of challenge.

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Spotlight on Modern Engineering

Our most recent addition, the Modern Engineering consulting & delivery division offers powerful solutions for any organisation looking to improve its productivity, efficiency or throughput within its internal or outsourced product development and engineering capabilities.

We deliver consulting, engineering and product management solutions across the whole SDLC.

*Our Modern Engineering resources are best in class, all on-shore and work under the quality assurance of our Modern Engineering Practice leadership.

Some Key Services our Modern Engineering Teams Deliver

Engineering Capability Assessments

Let one of our leading CTO’s or Engineering Directors, with expertise in your technology stack, deliver a full e2e discovery service across your whole engineering eco-system. We’ll review your people, process, and culture and, most importantly, present you with an honest, unbiased and impartial review of what’s hot and what needs warming up a little. Available as 1 day informal exercises or complete structured projects.

Engineering Teams as a Service

We deliver compete 5-7 person engineering teams from our onshore ranks, configured to build, test & release within your specific technology environment and able to integrate into your working processes or act completely independently. All overseen and quality assured by S&A’s Modern Engineering leadership team. Minimum deployment periods apply.


Capacity & Capability Solutions

We have some of the most capable engineers and specialist technology architects, builders, and QAs in the industry. We can inject T&M capability or capacity into your existing teams, using on-shore expertise from our own ranks. With no minimum period.

Modern Engineering partners with The S&A Academy Ltd to train, mentor, deploy, integrate and coach YOUR junior developers, testers and ICT professionals

Our Sister company, The S&A Academy Ltd, is a UK provider of Ofsted regulated, ESFA funded professional apprenticeships and commercial training within the Technology, Business and Scientific sectors. We have designed ‘composite’ resourcing solutions for our clients whereby our Academy business recruits and trains your new junior staff via the apprenticeship scheme, and we integrate them into your business as part of our own project delivery teams. Leaving you with the people and the IP long after our own teams have completed their work for you.

Note: The S&A Academy can train, via government funded schemes, your existing staff to develop careers such as software developers, testers, ICT, cyber analysts or business analysts, amongst many others.

To learn more about professional apprenticeships, commerical training
and resourcing for junior tech talent please vist

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