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Yet Good Strategy is Difficult to Create and Hard to Define

In a boardroom of executives each will have an approach and each may well be valid. But to build a coherent strategic roadmap focus has to shift towards activities that will create the most advantageous future position. Whilst this can be a tough journey, The S&A Group can help. We have the ‘know how” to develop meaningful, actionable strategy without all the templated buzzwords.

Business Strategy Consulting Capability

Well, actually we can’t and we would never make such a claim. However, we do have powerful methods to align your thinking and empathise with your vision and challenges. We can help coordinate the right research, analyse your options and help choose between addressing weaknesses or building on strengths. We can help you develop a strategic roadmap to deliver upon your vision.

Applying the Right Levers With the Right Focus to the Right Resources

The Strategy & Architecture Group can help you comprehend the dozens of choices confronting you and your organisation. Our unique insight across business strategy and the full spectrum of technolgy disciplines, combinded with expert architectural thinking will help bring clarity to your options. Providing you with the numerous lenses to help you view your business as you have never seen it before.

Avoid the “Model Strategy” Hype

Business Strategy Consulting Capability

We believe there is far too much template strategy in consulting… Every man and his dog’s pussycat can talk about a vision, mission statement, strategic objectives and tactical roadmap… We can do all this too, of course, but the challenge isn’t building such a roadmap. The real challenge is in properly identifying the real business issues to focus upon and making the hard decisions regarding which paths not follow. At The S&A Group we can:-

  • Bring expert resources and thinking, using sound methodologies to understand your Company Vision and true Value Proposition
  • Define a clear picture of your organisations Business & Enterprise Architecture to fully understand the DNA and structure of your environment.
  • Develop optimal Steering Principles to guide your business decision frameworks
  • Drive the Hardest Decisions about where to invest & disinvestment resources
  • Identify your Prime Business Challenges & Opportunities to focus resources towards
  • Build a Coherent Action Plan, Strategic Roadmap and Transformational blueprintsfor success

And thats just the start of the journey… Target Operating Models (TOM), Future State Architecture, Business Capability Maps, Strategic objectives & Roadmaps, Value Chain Analysis, balanced scorecards, SWOT, lag and lead factors, experience curves, competitive analysis, multiple matrixes & ratios and other typical management consulting tools can all be effectivley utilised to help drive your business forwards.

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