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Complete Contractor Management Solutions for Outside & Inside IR35 Resources
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An S&A Group Company

S&A Resourcing Solutions Ltd was designed and built in conjunction with S&A’s independent contractors and our Clients procurement, HR, legal, tax experts and departmental hiring managers to allow individual expert resources to be utilised by businesses in an efficient and tax compliant manner – as true service providers or as flexible resource augmentation.

A next generation Resource Management solution

A complete contractor resource management solution for our clients whilst providing a 'built for contractors' intelligent umbrella facility for our subcontractors. Providing a convenient, tax efficient model to deliver assignments inside and outside of the UK IR35 Off-Payroll tax legislation.

Clients Get Expert S&A Accredited Resources

Clients have access to The S&A Group's consultants and associates as well as wider network of sub-contractors and PSC's. 


With Assignments Outside & Inside IR35

Traditional consulting, projects and advisory work delivered via The S&A Group whilst flexible 'on-demand' resource augmentation. 

Where we Manage all Tax Liabilities

S&A Resourcing Solutions manage all tax liabilities for our supply chain either inside-IR35 (S&A RS) or Outside-IR35 (S&A Group, Consulting). 

Whilst Providing a Contractor Umbrella Facility*

We've built our own ground-up, fit for purpose contractor umbrella company so our consultants can legitimately maximise their income.

With Unrivalled Support from our Parent Company

Even as a 'flexible workforce' inside IR35 legislation (in full or in part), get all the benefits of being part of The S&A Group. 

Plus a Group Contracts Exchange MarketPlace

Find Inside and Outside IR35 contracts, exchange your contracts and instigate safe and controlled rights of substitution. 

Our Clients benefit from a fully managed, flexible resource management solution that can deliver projects & people.

So you can retain your critical independent contractors with little effort, no fuss and zero compliance risks.

Same top 10% of Resource Selection Methods

When clients use S&A Resourcing Solutions, they still receive the very same methods, referencing, security vetting, network referencing and peer to peer assessments of every resource we deliver that our Parent Company uses.

In our 10year history, we have dealt with over 13,000 contractors

Trading since 2010, The S&A Group has dealt with over 13,000 contractors across all types industries and skillsets. We actively maintain a pre-selected bench of close to 2000 qualified PSC’s.

S&A Consultant Selection - Tougher than the Rest!

Our business thrives on the consultants we engage. Be they in our consulting and projects business or our direct-to-client Resourcing Solutions business. We don’t tolerate average; we don’t fall for LinkedIn egos.

Some Key Benefits of S&A Resourcing Solutions

There are many benefits to using our Resourcing Solutions capabilities to manage you inside-IR35 Contractor Workforce. Below are just a few to whet your appetite.

A fully managed, built for the 2020’s post IR35 era Flexible Workforce Management Solution established within a leading UK Business, Technology & Digital Transformation Consulting Business.


S&A Resourcing Solutions will take over the management and care of your existing contract workforce (be there 1 or 100+) or select and deliver our own consultants (perm and/or contract) to support your business needs.


An Innovative and unique Business Model. Designed from the ground up alongside our clients and subcontractors including Procurement Directors, HR Directors, Tax & Legal Departments and Hiring Managers.


Fully digital, online client portals to track in real-time all assignment details, costs, tax determinations and delivery performance.


CEST and Off-Payroll Determinations with all tax liabilities dealt with by S&A 


Dedicated Account Managers, Qualified Delivery Execs to oversee all assignments for quality and performance, access to S&A Group Benefits

Let us take away your resource and tax management headaches

S&A Resourcing Solutions can take over the management of your current sub-contractor workforce. We will work with you to rapidly on-board them into the correct business within The S&A Group. This may mean one or a combination of solutions such as adding them to our existing projects, building new projects where we take accountability for full delivery back to you or placing them within our Resourcing Solutions business and providing them back to you as flexible resource inside the IR35/Off Payroll legislation.


Independent Contractors – Join the Revolution!

Are you an Independent Contractor in Need of Some Post IR35 Love?

If you are an independent contractor caught inside-IR35 it will most certainly benefit you to switch from your ‘accounting’ biased umbrella company and join our Resourcing Solutions based contractor Umbrella company.

Talk to us to learn about the benefits of payrolling your inside-IR35 assignments through S&A

Why Us?

Part of The S&A Group

Our primary business is consulting and delivery where we take full accountability via traditional SOW's. That's why, in our resource selection, we can truly think like a client.

Our Selection Process

We use the same teams to qualify your resources as we do our own. We employ a different selection and peer assessment process for each of our major disciplines and, like air stewards, we check and cross check.

Inside Out IR35 Solutions

Resourcing Solutions has been purpose built, using our own business architects, to meet the needs of clients and contractors operating across both sides of the IR35 legislation.

Value & Quality

We adopt a policy of using the best skills available, buying at a fair price, using low margins to give clients good value, supporting our subcontractors during delivery and growing by reputation. We have marble offices and no extravagant Partner commission to support.

The Biggest Bench

Large consulting firms need to keep all their resources billing. Even if that means the skills and experience may only meet part of the clients needs. Yet at S&A our bench is 13000 strong, qualified over 10yrs and we will know the perfect consultant.

Top4 / SI Beating

If its quality resources you want, without inflated partner costs, high day rates for graduates or the thought of subsidising marble office floors and annual Vegas sales conferences choose us. We have already pre-qualified and shortlisted our own leaderboards from each major skills discipline.

Group = Projects, RS = People

Our parent company deals with the complex projects and full team solutions your business may need. Resourcing Solutions will deliver specific expertise to deliver outcomes to you or work as part of your current team.

We Take Accountability

As with our projects & solutions, we still take accountability for the subcontractors we supply. If there are any delivery issues, we fix them. At our cost we'll send in our own people from Group or substitute the current resource, so our clients are always satisfied.

Realtime Client Portals

We've built a digital first firm. Working with our clients we've designed an online system to provide all the data from all our active and historical assignments direct to our clients. Removing any administration effort on the part of your HR, Procurement or Line Managers.

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