Rapid access, short engagement time, low commitment, extreme high value consulting and advisory services from 60 minutes to several week assignments.

Unbiased, independent consulting from experts who have already done what you’re about to do.

Existing S&A clients can take advantage of their secure online portal to check availability and book time with relevant experts.

Prospective clients can still take advantage of time with our experts, just drop us a line to let us know what skills and experience you need. We’ll get one of our consulting partners to work out the best option for you. 

Current Clients

S&A Clients get access to our secure, internal on-line portals providing real-time access and availability to OUR EXPERT consultants.

Prospective Clients

Don’t despair, even if you are not an existing client we may still be able to help. We have subscription services and bespoke access to the deep expertise you need, but don’t want to procure for long periods of time. Drop our consulting team a line at [email protected]

Become a Client

We offer a number of engagement models across our Group to support our clients with long term projects and consulting as well as short term access to our expert resources. We can on-board you as a client via our comprehensive MSA’s providing you with options, but no obligations, to consume our services.

Independents - Apply to Join our Expert Panels

If you’re an independent expert in your field, you can still apply to join our expert consulting panels. We’re not saying its easy to join, but the variety of assignments you may be asked to do, and the level of client engagement you’ll be presented with may make it very worthwhile.

We welcome independent experts (PSC’s), as our panel consultants may be asked to do very short term engagements, often running many in parallel. Our business model support’s expert contributors who wish to remain independent.

Just don’t be average.


Since 2010 we’ve been building our network of over 13,000 consultants. Experts with all sorts of deep skills and experience across a breadth of business and technical skills. From a CFO with energy M&A deals in their pocket to a MuleSoft integration expert or cloud economics guru. We have the assets; we know clients can’t always commit to taking long term. fully utilised consulting services, so we developed our Rapid Response Consulting solution to help.

Our Chosen Few

Our Panel is selected from the top percentile of all the people we’ve met over the last 10years. People we’ve come across in clients, competitors, conferences or seminars as well as current or past consutlants. We’ve met a lot of people.


High Impact Advice

We’re asking you to trust our judgement of expertise versus LinkedIn egos – so we go to great lengths before we accept people onto our Rapid Response Consulting Panel. Our people work hard to make the grade, but our clients are glad they did.

Extreme Value

Hiring experts for months on end is rarely good value for consultant or client. Better to pay a little more for a short term need. Our clients get instant expertise, our consultants keep on their toes. S&A builds better relationships for our wider portfolio of services. 

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Midlands Operations 

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