The S&A Group’s Position and Approach to IR35

IR35, or rather the off-payroll employment legislation, to give it a formal label, is HMRC’s approach to dealing with what they describe as, “disguised employment“.

Essentially, HMRC claim that independent contractors across many UK industries are operating through limited companies to reduce their tax liabilities, but essentially doing the same ‘work’ as an employed individual.

Therefore, even though they may be operating at their own risk, without long term job security or any employment benefits such as SSP, holidays or pensions, they should still pay the same tax.

You can find out more about the official UK Government Off-Payroll Legislation HERE.

Whilst we fundamentally believe the legislation will negatively impact the macro economic outlook for the UK, we will always comply with law and policy.

IR35 is Good for S&A

As a consulting first business, we have always contracted in ways to deliver specific outcomes, at our cost and risk, to our clients. Likewise, where we use PSC’s, we hold them accountable for delivering outcomes to us.

So, for the majority of our work, its business as usual.

Our 'Current' Views on IR35 / Off-Payroll Legislation

Whilst the situation is changing rapidly, you can learn some of our thoughts on the industry and wider economic impacts or IR35 in our whitepaper.

Solutions for Industry

We deliver legitimate consultancy (outside-IR35) and flexible resources (inside-IR35) to our clients. Offering a complete solution for businesses that require projects and people. Our consulting activities are delivered by The S&A Group whilst any inside-IR35 requirements are handled by our sister company, S&A Resourcing Solutions Ltd. All activities remain within the Group structure and overall client delivery and quality assurance is carried out by the Group.

Solutions for Contractors

Contractors can choose to retain their PSC’s and utilsie them, for legitimate outside-IR35 expenses and engagements or choose to become an employee of S&A Resourcing Solutions whereby we act as an umbrella company and pay you, and treat you, as an employee.

Note: S&A Resourcing Solutions does not offer any “keep 90% of your income” claims, it simply pays you legitimately based on current tax legislation for all the income received. Costs are completely transparent. There are, however, a number of benefits to working within our Group Structure.

Client Business Benefits

Retain you critical contract resources and continue key projects and activities

Turn-Key Solution to manage all of your inside-IR35 and outside-IR35 contractors

Full service oversight, assurance and quality of delivery managed by S&A Partners and Staff

S&A, as client, manage tax determinations, providing fully transparency and challenge process

An effortless, efficient and compliant solution with all tax liabilities managed and paid by S&A

Fully online, real-time client portals provide all relevant Management Information

Inside-IR35 resources provided and managed by S&A Resourcing Solutions Ltd

New contracts for each and every contract workforce, regardless of status, from date service commences

Dedicated account manager, working within your team, to help with resource and portfolio planning – reducing lead times for new resources and assisting with skills and culture fit


Contractor Benefits

Trade inside The S&A Group for traditional consulting activities and inside-IR35 delivery

Retain your PSC Limited Company for legitimate trading expenses such as travel and outside-IR35 bid work

Deliver mulitple contracts simultaneously to multiple clients – with some determined inside-IR35 and others remaining outside

Become an employee of S&A Group, via S&A Resourcing Solutions to manage, in a fully legitimate way, any umbrella delivery your clients require

Utilise your expertise to provide services to S&A. and S&A Clients knowing you’ll be treated fairly and assessed on every individual assignment

Join S&A’s growth story and become an Associate or Channel Partner

Benefit for expertise, support and guidance for other members of the Group


Introducing S&A Resourcing Solutions

S&A Resourcing Solutions, is S&A sister company, built to provide umbrella services to contract work determined to be inside-IR35 as well as to provide a total, fully managed resourcing solution for S&A Group Clients. To find out more, contact us or visit the RS Solutions Overview.

Some Key Benefits of S&A Resourcing Solutions

There are many benefits to using our Resourcing Solutions capabilities to manage you inside-IR35 Contractor Workforce. Below are just a few to wet your appetite. 

A fully managed, built for the 2020’s post IR35 era Flexible Workforce Management Solution established within a leading UK Business, Technology & Digital Transformation Consulting Business.


S&A Resourcing Solutions will take over the management and care of your existing contract workforce (be there 1 or 100+) or select and deliver our own consultants (perm and/or contract) to support your business needs.


An Innovative and unique Business Model. Designed from the ground up alongside our clients and subcontractors including Procurement Directors, HR Directors, Tax & Legal Departments and Hiring Managers.


Fully digital, online client portals to track in real-time all assignment details, costs, tax determinations and delivery performance.


CEST and Off-Payroll Determinations with all tax liabilities dealt with by S&A 


Dedicated Account Managers, Qualified Delivery Execs to oversee all assignments for quality and  performance, access to S&A Group Benefits

Let us take away your resource and tax management headaches

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